Take it from me, there will be a lot of everything tomorrow,losses (bulls), gains (bears), margin calls, worry, elation, and the list goes on. I do know one thing for sure about my account. I still have plenty of cash approximately 40% just for situations like this potential sell off tomorrow.

Even though I have plenty of cash still, it doesn’t mean I will go head over heels thinking there are bargains to be had, or go all bear with the belief we crash from here. I have made that mistake before when new to trading many years back, as many investors learn the hard way as well.

Take it from my experience years back, be smart, nimble, and let the dust settle tomorrow before betting big. If you’re a bull and think we go up from here, leg into your positions a little at a time, save capital in case you are wrong. The same goes if you’re a bear from here as well.

Be careful we are on the fence here, could go either way.