+21.06% YTD Return (closed trades)
+4.6% YTD Return (closed trades)
(8.9%) 2012,  72.3% 2011,  84.1% 2010, 
97.4% 2009,  62.8% 2008
 92.64% Winning Trades

[+4.89% Avg Weekly Return]
Bringing Hedge Fund Option Trading from Wall Street to Main Street
  • Booking Alpha provides options trading signals and hedge fund services to individual and professional investors.
  • Specializing in high probability option spread strategies including iron condor, debit spread, credit spread, and other spreads to produce consistent profits.
  • We provide our clients with the exact same trades we execute for our hedge fund.
  • Trade alerts are sent via eMail immedietly upon trade triggering.
  • Subscribers receive trade alerts plus full access to our trade history and market report archive.
  • Trade alerts provide Specific Entry / Exit Points, Full Trade Life-Cycle Management, and Position Sizing Guidelines
  • We use high probability options strategies including iron condors, debit, credit, & other spreads to produce consistent profits every options expiration cycle. Subscribers receive the same trades executed in the Booking Alpha Capital hedge fund.
 BookingAlpha is (STILL) my favorite conservative Autotrade service, but can be more aggressive with weekly service added on. His service is dirt cheap, heck I say extremely underpriced, with the level of customer service you receive! He specializes in all sorts of spread trades, and OVER THE PREVIOUS YEARS ON HIS TRACK RECORD, HE HAS DONE A PRETTY GOOD JOB OF IT! I originally signed on with Trevor at BookingAlpha in late 2011, since then he has taught me a lot more in options, even when I thought I knew it all. He is the teacher of all teachers in Option Credit Spreads!

Please consider at least clicking on his link here http://www.bookingalpha.com/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=105 and give his service a look, Hell I’m still a subscriber and still using him manually entering trades here and there in one of my ROTH IRA’s!

*****Absolutely none of BookingAlpha’s trade alerts will be posted on my site. I highly advise if you want his trades which I sometimes perform manually in this and other accounts, to subscribe to his very inexpensive service.*****