Out all $SPY Mar16 155 puts @ 4.60 from yesterday. We also sold the 2 already had from earlier starter position.

Missed selling at lows, due to stupid errands. Market moved too fucking fast! Still a cool profit around $800 overnight though.

Trade details later.


Trade details as promised earlier today:

03/01/13 Sold to Close -10   SPY Mar 16 2013 155.00 Put $4.60 $4,589.05

So what was our total profit on this play?

If you refer back to our original opening post https://3ddhedgeinvestments.wordpress.com/2013/02/28/updateexecuted-spy-mar16-155-puts-3-51-limit-detailsexplanation-why-straight-puts-spx-vix/

The total net averaged down cost from our 2 starter puts, and 8 final puts added 2/28 was 3.87 per contract.

10 contracts at an average of 3.87 is $3870 Cost

and sold 10 contracts at 4.60 or $4600 Credit = 4600-3870=$730 Profit

I only guessed at a round about figure of $800 profit today, but $730 is close enough for me!

It was a great way to average down a troubled starter position, and make profitable.