Quite simply, I plan to use any meaningful sell off soon to exit the Puts at a profit. I will not spread complete by selling Mar28 152 Puts against to offset the cost.

Why not spread complete? I will not because I believe $SPX wants all time highs north of 1576, but will not buy calls or bank on that possibility either. Instead I plan to continue to take advantage of probable quick $SPY Put scalps, and reasonably safe $SPX bear call credit spreads to stay ahead of this Fed induced Bull market.


Bought 17 Mar28 $SPY 153 PUTS @ 1.61 Trade details later.

1st scale in, scaled in at 75% though.

May open bear calls credit spreads, next today if can push a little higher.

Trade Details
03/05/13 Bought to Open 17   SPY Mar 28 2013 153.00 Put $1.61 -$2,749.14