I’ve been trading credit spreads for a while now, and made plenty of trusted friends in the process. Racernic is yet another one of the few spread traders in the ranks of total respect deserved. He’s honest, friendly, educated, and most of all makes well placed, low risk alert spread trades. Look at the reviews and you shall see for yourself.

Nic and I have become friends over the last year, and I would never advertise any options service on my blog that I don’t believe in. So if you’re an active spread trader, give him a try, and see for yourself how well he pays for you!

Sign up here: http://marketfy.com/store/item/create-income-with-options-spreads/?a_aid=3ddhedge

Below is a BIO on @Racernic for his @Marketfy Platform “Maximum Profit Spreads” Product.

About Me

Up until the late 90’s I climbed the ranks of the finance world reaching the CFO levels. Then in 2000 I branched out with an internet venture as CFO/COO. The venture paid off well enough to allow me to start my own fund and pursue my passion: the stock market. Since then, I have been honing my skills profiting from market investments like the ones I cover here.

I consider success when I can identify an opportunity, gauge the risks involved, then finally set it up to yield its maximum potential.

In addition to my trading skills, I feel that my diverse background (Electrical Engineer with an M.B.A.) gives me an edge: my engineering degree serves me well when it comes to technology related trades (most of our world is technically based these day); My Mediterranean background gives me an edge in Geo-Political issues that will affect almost every trade; My graduate degree gives me the ability to assess macro issues and their impact on our financial world.