We’re still avoiding credit spreads like the Bubonic Plague right now. Sure there are some who still spit in the face of danger, but I still say no. Anyone who regularly plays weekly & possibly monthly credit spreads in this environment and not actively defending them. You might as well make a habit of picking up hitchhikers and inviting them into your home for dinner. In other words, you’re asking for a potential portfolio wreck, I still say no way, and wish to continue swing trading this crazy market.

Now that i mentioned, yet again on the blog about swing trading, there are a couple must follow traders, but the most active, happens to be @Northmantrader. He’s an excellent chartist and fun to follow, give him a try! Northman doesn’t engage in petty fights,is a straight up tell it as is guy, and feels the need for PROFIT!
Now on to another excellent trader that when posts any entries or exits, take heed. @Gssound isn’t a trader looking for glory, fame, or prestige. His simple motto, “Protect profit!” I consider myself lucky to have him on my side as a valued friend. His peer review before trades is always top notch, and consider @Gssound a great follow.

Thanks @Northmantrader and @Gssound as always for your top notch trading expertise.

Well wishes.