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Vader Trades by Vader Trades with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

So many traders, especially those trading on their own, need help in navigating market forces. Trading on your own is difficult. Trading alongside a professional will drastically increase your likelihood of making big profits. Not to mention saving you from losing money and staying awake through the night.

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Vader Trades employs the following methods

  • Fundamental screens
  • Support and resistance trend lines
  • Technical patterns and fractals
  • Divergences between price and momentum
  • Volume and market profiling
  • Sentiment

The number 1 rule of Vader Trades is to be patient. Like cabs at a busy airport, trades come and go.

Vader Trades helps members avoid the following psychological pitfalls:


  1. Failure to plan before placing a trade
  2. Improper money management
  3. Setting expectations too high
  4. Failure to use risk management
  5. Lack of patience and discipline
  6. Trading against the trend
  7. Letting losing positions spiral
  8. Hyper-trading and over-trading
  9. Failure to accept responsibility
  10. Lacking a big picture perspective

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Vader Trades: Also known as @vader7x on Twitter and Stocktwits

“Don’t underestimate the force.” In 1977, a movie villain named Darth Vader first stated these landmark words. In the universe of Star Wars, the force is an energy that transcends any one person or thing. Like the markets, it is ubiquitous and powerful. Darth Vader’s warning inspires our approach to the markets. Too many people underestimate the markets. Trading based on “gut feel” or a “get rich quick” seminar can be exciting and easy, but market forces always prevail. They reward those who deploy a disciplined, time-tested approach. Whatever you want to say about Darth Vader, he understood the force. That’s why this community is called Vader Trades. We’ve built a career on understanding market forces and how traders capitalize on them in our portfolios. The moderator AKA ‘Vader’.. has a background in high tech product management and strategy from companies like Oracle, Schwab, Wells Fargo and a few startups which got acquired. He also at times consults for Venture Capital firms in the Bay Area.  Previous to 2009 he also ran a family fund with AUM over $10M and is currently planning a new fund focused on short term trading opportunities. – See more at:


28.04%                90 Day Performance

28.04%                365 Day Realized

44.7%                   Avg. Trade Gain

100        Total Trades

72.00%        Win Percentage

We have to qualify members first to assure that the community is made up of only the most quality traders. Providing a free trial makes it very hard to weed out the traders who do not belong. However, we provide a 30-day money back guarantee so that everyone has the ability to “test drive” risk-free. If at any point during your first 30-days you feel that Vader Trades is not for you, please let us know and we’ll gladly provide you a full, no questions asked, refund.