I haven’t updated in a long while since switching away from options and credit spreads. Since that switch, I sold $DGAZ for a profit, and started accumulating shares in all of the above referenced tickers.

$GLUU – Glu Gaming, I actively buy shares regularly in this mobile gaming behemoth. Its a long term steal around here in the low 5 range. Its a potential $AAPL acquisition target, and $GLUU itself has been on an acquisition shopping spree. It has significantly strengthened its long term growth goals with some short term pain. It was recently around 7 a share and sunk to the high 4 range, where I doubled down and cost average now around the low 6 range. I see $GLUU 9+ a share if not 10 by Spring 2015.

$INO – Inovio Pharmaceuticals, I am also actively buying shares on any worthwhile dips, my average cost is in the mid 9 range now. They’re poised for a phase III trial, and have a pipeline of other successful pharmaceutical vaccines to come. Its an extremely long term hold, and even bought my Son shares in his custodial account.

$TFCVX – Third Avenue Focused Credit, I absolutely believe this is the best of the best in any of the Bond Funds. It has a low expense fee schedule, and is rated Five Stars Morningstar. My Wife has a good chunk of this in her retirement and letting this one DRIP away as the cash cow it is.

$TLT – In my retirement plan their is a Fund choice that closely resembles this Index Fund. Im buying every other week into this fund, average cost range is in the low 100 area of $TLT.

$SLVO – Silver Flows Index, this is a monthly dividend fund that sell calls on their $SLV shares and passes the collected premium gains as dividends. DRIP is the way to go on this bad boy, set it and forget it.

$ARR – Armour Residential Reit, adding to this monthly on a Direct Investment, and DRIP. This pays a monthly dividend, yet has had some negative short term issues arise. Long term the company looks great and will add more shares outside of regular buys, if any significant chance presents itself.