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I reached out to OptionsRunner after a friend turned me on to his option abilities. We watched him for a while on Twitter, and in the meantime tried an $SVU alert he publicly shared for free after his subscribers had http://p0.vresp.com/7xqins  He doesn’t publicly share a lot of picks, that just happened to be one he shared. His $SVU alert was an indication of a potential buyout coming down the pipeline. Our version of his long $SVU buyout play cost .30 debit and sold for .85 credit, was a Jan13 2.50/3.50 Debit Call Spread. He didn’t play that exact play, but the point is, he was pretty much spot on about a buyout or at least Partial buyout. That is just a sample of how good this guy is!

Here is another archived play link he provided as well on $PSSI http://hosted-p0.vresp.com/938813/de0a2fe893/ARCHIVE

He was correct on $PSSI of which immediately shot up to almost 28$ from 22 on the news.

I don’t usually play options actively day trading, but OptionsRunner, is pretty good for those who do!

For a 100% Money Back Guarantee, at least give him a chance.

Check this guy out!

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